So, what is AusiOS?

AusiOS is a blog that aims to tackle iOS programming topics in depth. Not just a discussion of the shiniest new features that Apple gives us every year. But a look into things that can make programming iOS apps rewarding and fulfilling. For example, having control over your backend. Or using the Swift type system to make your software better specified and protected against more errors. Or making your code more modular and expressive.

About me, the author

I‘m Moe (@moeburney on twitter), and I’m a Canadian living in Australia. After many years of travelling, I have decided to settle permanently Down Under, enjoying vegemite in the early hours of the morning, and kangaroo-watching late at night. For the past five years I’ve been:

  • Helping startups launch
  • Developing iPhone apps
  • Writing backends in Python and Flask
  • Living in Canada, Germany, and now Australia
  • Getting married (just once, actually)
  • Eating cheesecake (made by my wife) while programming during late hours
  • Spending time with my dog (see below)


Feel free to contact me!